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Mindset is defined as a fixed attitude, disposition or mood; an intention or inclination. When we think about that in the context of our own personal growth and development it is simply deciding to intentionally pursue growth through each and every season of our life. We live with intention…in both hard seasons and victorious ones. So what are some practical ways we can adopt this type of mindset?

1 – Get outside help

Whether this is a life coach or counselor or even a mentor, having an outside view looking in is invaluable for your growth and development. You can’t see what you can’t see, but guess who can – your life coach whom you pay to see what you can’t. You don’t know what you don’t know, but guess who can inform you – your counselor whom you pay to teach you what you don’t know. If you don’t have someone on the outside informing your personal growth, go and find someone!

2 – Feed your Body, Heart and Mind

When we think about personal growth and development, we often think about improving communication skills or increasing our self-knowledge. But, we often forget that we are a whole person with a body, heart and mind.

  • Take care of your body with movement and nutrition. I’m not saying to lose a specific amount of weight. I am saying to be kind to your body and fuel it with food that will also be kind to it. I am not saying to go to the gym for 2 hours everyday. I am saying to get up and move your body frequently to stay active and reduce your stress.
  • Find tools and resources that fuel your personal growth and development. This could be audiobooks, podcasts, courses or workshops – the medium doesn’t matter, and even the content isn’t as important…it’s the consistency. Find what will feed your mind in this current season and commit to feasting on it.
  • Be aware of your heart and learn what nourishes it. This could be morning meditation or an evening walk. This could be a gratitude journal or a weekly coffee date with a friend. Whether you like it or not, we are all emotional beings and our hearts have needs.

3 – Surround Yourself with a Grower Community

There is some growth and development that can only be achieved in community. Get around other people committed to their own personal growth and development. There is a level of momentum that we can only reach in community and when we surround ourselves with like-minded people, it fuels our own growth. So ask yourself, who am I surrounded by? How are they pursuing personal growth and development? How can I learn from them?

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