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mindset to grow

Jun 4 2021

A Mindset to Grow

Mindset is defined as a fixed attitude, disposition or mood; an intention or inclination. When ...
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not to do Enneagram

May 26 2021

What NOT to do: the Enneagram

As with any tool, we can use the Enneagram well or not. How well we ...
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grow Enneagram

May 17 2021

How to Grow: the Enneagram

The Enneagram has exploded in popularity over the last few years as a tool for ...
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Growing in pain

Apr 23 2021

Growing in the midst of pain

Let’s be honest, no one likes pain. Grieving loss isn’t fun and when people cause ...
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growing in success

Apr 16 2021

Growing in the midst of success

Anytime we are pursuing a goal…such as starting our own business, going back to school, ...
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Strengths Finder assessment

Apr 9 2021

What NOT to do: Strengths Finder assessment

We’ve talked about how valuable Strengths Finder can be as a tool for personal growth ...
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