growing in success

Anytime we are pursuing a goal…such as starting our own business, going back to school, adopting a new health habit…we get very excited once we achieve the goal. The process it takes to get there isn’t always exciting, but once we arrive, that feeling of accomplishment and victory can’t really be compared to anything else. It’s exhilarating and encouraging…you did it…you achieved what you set out to…you succeeded!

We don’t always think of paying attention to our personal growth when we are in the midst of success. Why should I be focused on growing or developing myself? See what I have achieved? My business I started two years ago is doing well. I’ve lost 20 pounds and hit a new PR time running a 5K. Why should I be focused on growing if I am doing so well?

The danger of success is when complacency starts to sneak in. When we stop intentionally growing or developing ourselves, we begin to lose track of the things that actually made us successful. We begin to coast on what we have already done in order to keep moving forward and sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. Personal growth in a successful season looks like channeling your victory into momentum that will carry you to the next goal…the next level of achievement. Your new business is doing well? Awesome, what goal could you next set that would challenge you to go even farther? Maintaining a growth mindset even in the midst of success is a key to not only accomplishing your dreams, but making them even greater than you imagined.

Here are three easy steps for growth in the midst of success:

1 – Stop and celebrate your achievement

It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the victories in our lives. It doesn’t matter what the celebration is, just pause and reflect on what you accomplished and celebrate in a way that is meaningful to you.

2 – Reflect on what made you achieve your goal

Maybe it was a change in your daily routine? Maybe it was persistence in facing an obstacle? Maybe it was providential opportunity? Whatever it is, take a moment and do some personal reflection on what led you to this achievement.

3 – Dream into the next step

This is where you capitalize on the momentum your achievement has established and set your next dream or goal. I’ve achieved this level of success in my business, where do I want to go next? What other areas of my life could use the same intentionality I applied to my health habits?

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