I’m glad you asked! Behind the noise of the Internet is a swarm of influencers, bloggers, consultants, professionals, knowledgeable individuals and then people who are simply opinionated. And if that sea of people wasn’t enough, now we add in life coaches and it can become pretty overwhelming to know who to trust and what to believe. You have goals and dreams that are important to you and you want to put time, energy and resources into them. How do you know whom to partner with to see those dreams and goals become real?

Unfortunately, the life coach industry isn’t regulated the same way other personal development industries are like counseling. That can make it difficult to know if the coaching offered is worth your resources and if that type of coaching is what you actually want or need.

As a coach, I believe that a fulfilling and abundant life is available to everyone. I also believe that our time, energy and resources are worth spending on making the life we want a reality. And I know that the first step toward living in that abundance…and the best bang for your buck…is knowing your why. So here are the following values that mark my coaching and set it apart from others who are just adding to the noise of the Internet.

• You are unique

You were created on purpose and you were created for a purpose. You are uniquely you. This is why I value coaching the individual, because there never has been and never will be another you. So love and embrace your uniqueness and let it shine.

• You are important

Your worth is defined by who you are, not what you do. And because of that, it’s in our internal world that true, lasting change begins. As we transform our mind, will and emotions, our actions begin to transform as well and we are free to begin walking in our unique destiny.

• You are powerful

Your choices, not your circumstances, define you. Life can be hard and unfair, but it’s how we respond to life that marks our experience of life. You can choose to stay where you are or you can choose to grow. And growth is not only possible, but also necessary to achieve your purpose in life. We were never created to be stagnant, but to continue growing and transforming from glory to greater glory.

• You are known

It is important that we know ourselves. Self-awareness is a life long journey and necessary to fulfilling our purpose. It’s only when we know ourselves can we truly let others know us as well.

• You are loved

You were made for and from Love. You were built for relationships and community. You were meant to live life with others and you will need others around you to discover and fulfill your purpose.

If you are ready to embrace your uniqueness and acknowledge the power of your choices…if you are willing to grow and transform your inner world…if you want to commit to a journey of intentionality, vulnerability and discovery…then I believe that we would be a good fit. I believe that I can help you on that journey to discovering your individual why and making steps toward seeing it fulfilled.

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