I have believed for a long time that the best educators in this world are reading and travel.  Generally inexpensive (well, depending on where you travel I guess) and mostly accessible to all, both will challenge the normal to which we have become accustomed and broaden our view of life and the world around us.  Don’t believe me?  Then go visit another country and watch the way they do life.  Pick up a book and learn about another culture.

A healthy pursuit of purpose and destiny often requires us to challenge thoughts and “normals” that we hold to be true.  I’m talking about the normal in which we were raised or better yet, the perspective or lens through which we view life.  This encompasses everything from healthy communication to family culture and norms to social behaviors and thought patterns.  It is easy to consider the way in which you were raised or the values you hold in life to be considered normal…true…the way things are done.  Yet, all of us believe that and when you see how unique we all are, then we must question how is it that our normal is the only way?

An easy example proving how aware yet unaware we are of our “normal” in life is to watch what happens when two people get married.  They are in love, devoted to each other, excited to begin a new life together until one person’s “normal” gets in the way of the other’s “normal”.  You budget your finances this way?  Oh, you actually don’t budget at all?!? Why are you cleaning again?!?  Why have you not cleaned anything?!?  I fold laundry this way…oh I just leave it in the basket and never fold it.  You want to spank our children?  You don’t want to spank our children?  It goes on and on, until fights erupt and lines get drawn in the sand or they decide to communicate and grow together.

As you pursue your purpose in life and really, as you pursue health in general (meaning emotional, spiritual, mental, even physical), then you must stop and look at your life’s lenses.  How are you viewing life and why?  What makes you think doing life this way is “normal”?  Ask yourself some of the following questions…

  • How do I view people who disagree with me?
  • Are my life’s lenses born from health and truth or are they born from wounds and lies?
  • What fruit are my life’s lenses bearing in my life and in those around me?

When we are willing to examine our normal and challenge our lenses, then we are primed and ready to put our mind, will and emotions behind the intention of becoming the healthiest version of ourselves.  And in doing so, we are ready to fulfill the purpose and destiny on our life in the healthiest way.

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