what is growth

You can see how Dictionary.com defines growth, but growth is something that is very familiar to us. It is a natural process we have been experiencing since we were born physically, mentally and socially. At one point in time, you couldn’t feed yourself, you couldn’t read or write your name and you couldn’t even speak. You had to grow and develop in all of those areas.

Growth is something that is wired into our make up as human beings and thus, it is a process that will happen regardless of the intentionality we give you it. Your hair is growing right now without you thinking about it. You didn’t have to intentionally think about your arms or legs growing longer when you were five years old, it just happened because it was wired within your DNA. And so if growth is going to occur no matter what, wouldn’t it be great if we intentionally channeled that energy to areas in which we want to grow? What would you like to focus that growth energy on? You can grow in anger or bitterness by not addressing hurts and wounds or you can grow in forgiveness and reconciliation by facing those hurts. You can grow in laziness by continuing to binge watch Netflix shows or you can grow in your personal development goals by using your time differently.

We are going to explore over the next few posts how you grow and ways to shift towards a growth based mindset, but I want to emphasize this important point today. One of the above definitions of growth is “gradual increase”. Growth is a rhythm we have to find and it’s more about the consistent steps and process in the journey than the destination. The goal is the destination…the ending point…how you get there is by embracing the process and rhythm of growth in your life and applying the energy and intentionality of your will to that process. This is a journey that will take time. You didn’t grow from a toddler to an adult overnight. It took many years and the steady physical growth journey was paired with an equally steady mental and even social growth journey. They all went hand in hand. Every aspect of your growth and development depended on each other to work together towards your overall growth. As you embrace growth and development in your own life, also embrace a patient and holistic outlook on the journey ahead of you. It will take time and it will have many parts to it, but allowing both of those truths their space in your growth is vitally important to your success.

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